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SOLD! In Nogales, The River Runs Blue...

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I am happy to say this piece recently sold at The Collective. So glad it's going to a good home!

This 'book' is in response to a woman who shared her story with me about growing up working in the fields as a farm worker. ICE agents would come around and she would talk with them as they flirted with her. She distracted them to keep the attention off others.

Ultimately, this book is about our lives, how they cross over, what she and I have in common, and the geat divide that will always be bettween us.

It is also a 2 -sided book. The reverse side (I will post a picture soon) tells the story of the American factories just across the border in Nogales where they make the blue jeans my husband and I wear on the other side of the book. In Nogales, the river runs blue, the color of my jeans. The questions I present here are, for example, where do our lives overlap, and what is my resposibility globally, and in my own commuity.

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