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Capturing the Dark!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I (and I use the term loosely, meaning me and the village that makes this work possible, especially Mark Conkle) recently installed In/Visible for the 8th time, this time at The Collective in Lafayette. Each installation of In/Visible is different, adapted to the location and the community. This time we have the unique opportunity to show it at night for all the world to see, through the gallery window, with the projection running and the gallery lights off.

In a light-controlled environment, these figures act as a projection screen, in the shape of people, in the form of a group, in the path of migration. This is what I've been working for for over a decade, to capture the dark, in order for the fabric human forms to come alive. The moveement reelinquished by the stiffened fabric forms, is returned by the projected light, happily lost when it finds ono purchase but glowing when landing on the nearly absurb white of the figures. The footage, abstractly and deftly pieced together by dMark Conkle, loops within minutes yet requires time and contemplation.

Perhaps the 8th installation on In/Visible, but the first of its kind.

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