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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I find that taking risks when creating serves 2 purposes: first, it gets it out of my system, like blowing off steam, and secondly, it's so much fun! If I can get over the anxiety of "looking stupid" or "wasting time" or worrying about "what will people think," I open myself up to joy and wonder and lots and lots of learning.

Then, when I don't like a piece, or am willing to risk it (risk is good in art!) (and the more work I make, the more I have to play around with) I can do something like this: weave one piece into another. I don't necessarily know what I'll get, but I will certainly learn more than I ever did playing it safe...for the most art that is. (If you are a teenager reading this, I'm talking ART MAKING, not life!)

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