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Embellish Abandon! WOW!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

I thought I'd play with the materials I will provide my students in my up-coming Embellish Abandon class. I wanted to see what the materials can do, how far I can take them, or them me. WOW, is this fun! The possibilities are endless!

I decided on a simple 5"x 6" 'canvas,' the perfect size for a garden flag. After working out the easiest way to string them together (I do love to see my art on display!), I got to work: setting up my work-space: scissors, dyed and commercial fabrics for 2 different looks, iron, ironing pad right on my work table so I don't risk losing small details going back and forth to the ironing board, a cutting mat and rotary cutter,Wonder Under,and some magic. And, voila!

And I am just getting started!

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